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County Seed Increase

NDCISA Reporting Requirements for Increase Grower Contracts

Reporting requirements for increase grower contracts.


  • Contracts usually sent out mid-February (after release and allocation meeting) requesting return within 2-3 week timeline.
  • Payment for seed should be collected at the contract signing.
  • Return contracts and payments to Foundation Seedstocks ASAP.
  • Information from the contract is used to inform personnel at Research Centers as to who the grower is and the amount of allocation he should be given.
  • Grower will need to take a copy of the signed contract along when picking up the seed in order for the seed to be released to the grower.
  • Information from the contracts (name & address) is also used to send out Field Inspection Applications to each grower (usually around mid-May).
  • Reporting Form is usually sent out around the 1st of July. It is requested that this form be used when reporting and remitting check-off.
  • The fees for each individual variety are listed at the top of the form.
  • Complete the form listing 'individual' growers production/sales, etc.
  • Timeline for returning check-off and reporting form is September 1st. Check-off fees not paid by January 15th of the year following the selling season will jeopardize their chances of receiving allocation of the new varieties for that year.
  • REMINDER: Fees are paid on all bushels 'sold as seed' or 'used by grower for planting'.
  • List on the bottom portion of the form, any seed/production that was not sold as certified seed and what happened to the production (i.e. failed field inspection, dumped at elevator, etc.)


  • Membership is on a calendar year basis. Dues are $100/year.
  • Invoice billing for membership dues is usually sent out to each county prior to January 15 and due within 30 days.


  • A form requesting a list of County Officers and Directors is usually sent out with the membership billing in January.
  • Completing and returning this form will insure that your county's officers and directors receive periodic correspondence from NDCISA and will be listed on the NDCISA website.

Counties By District

County Extension Agents - NORTHEAST

CountyCounty Ext NamePhone NumberPresidents Name
BensonScott Knoke701-473-5363No information
CavalierAnitha Chirumamilla701-256-2560Jon Iverson
EddyTim Becker701-947-2454No information
Foster701-652-2581Ronn Stangeland
Grand ForksCarrie Knutson701-780-8229Greg Amundson
GriggsMegan Vig701-797-3312Mark Ressler
NelsonKatelyn Hain701-247-2521Jarvis Stein
Pembina701-265-8411William Wagner
RamseyBill Hodous701-662-7027Thomas Hodous
RoletteMark Miller701-477-5671Paul Overby
SteeleAngie Johnson701-524-2253Pete Ness
TownerLindy Berg701-968-4362Jesse Mitchell
WalshBrad Brummond701-284-6248Darren Kadlec
WellsLindsay Maddock701-547-3341Donny Allmaras

County Extension Agents - NORTHWEST

CountyCounty Ext NamePhone NumberPresidents Name
BottineauSara Clemens701-228-2253Tyler Neubauer
BurkeDan Folske701-377-2927Mitch McEvers
DivideBrandon Biwer701-965-6501Jordan Kimball
McHenryRachel Wald701-537-5405Don Walter
McKenzie701-444-3451 Ext 291Cameron Wahlstrom
McLeanCalla Jarboe701-462-8541Trevor Kohler
MountrailJim Hennessy701-628-2835John Woodbury
PierceYolanda Schmidt701-776-6234R'Jay Paul
RenvilleLoAyne Voigt701-756-6392Matt Peterson
SheridanNicole Wardner701-652-2951No information
WardPaige Brummund701-857-6450Bob Finken
WilliamsLucas Holmes701-577-4595Tom Wheeler

County Extension Agents - SOUTHEAST

CountyCounty Ext NamePhone NumberPresidents Name
BarnesRandy Grueneich701-845-8528Brad Clemens
CassKyle Aasand701-241-5711No information
DickeyBreana Kiser701-349-3249 Ext 2Ginger Petersen
Emmons701-254-4811Tom Voller
LaMoureJulianne Racine701-883-6085Ervand Andersen
LoganSheldon Gerhardt701-754-2504Jody Horner
McIntoshCrystal Shaunaman701-288-3465Neal Schneider
RansomBrian Zimprich701-683-6128Travis Dagman
RichlandChandra Langseth701-642-7793Gary Friskop
SargentMelissa Seykora701-724-3355 Ext 5Casey Decker
StutsmanAlicia Harstad701-252-9030Josh Daulton
TraillAlyssa Scheve701-636-5665No information

County Extension Agents - SOUTHWEST

CountyCounty Ext NamePhone NumberPresidents Name
AdamsHannah Norby701-567-2735Ronald Nester
BowmanMax Robison701-523-5271Miles Hansen
BurleighElizabeth Burdolski701-221-6865No information
DunnGreg Benz701-764-5593Jim Wallace
Golden ValleyAshley Uechert701-872-4332Andrew Smith
GrantTessa Keller701-622-3470No information
HettingerDuaine Marxen701-824-2095Nathan Thomas
KidderPenny Nester701-475-2632Tim Dekrey
MercerCraig Askim701-754-2504Jeff Ellwein
Morton701-667-3340Andrew Doll
OliverRick Schmidt701-794-8748Dan Bueligan
SiouxKatie Wirt701-622-3470No information
SlopeShelby Hewson701-879-6270Farrell Lorge
Stark/BillingsKurt Froelich701-456-7665Ryan Kadrmas