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Dakota Select Seed

Dakota Select Seed

Dakota Select Seed is a grower group organized by the North Dakota Crop Improvement and Seed Association (NDCISA).

The objectives of this group are to produce, market, and promote seed of certain crop varieties which typically struggle to maintain viability in the certified seed industry. Over the years, public funding for breeding programs has decreased, leaving many programs, especially those focusing on small acreage crops, with difficulty in obtaining operating funds. The Dakota Select Seed program is open to all producers who are active in the certified seed industry and meet the member eligibility requirements.

To become a member of Dakota Select Seed a grower must meet the following requirements:
1. Hold a current seed tax number
2. History of timely research fee reporting and payment

Varieties distributed by Dakota Select seed are Souris, Rockford, Newburg, and Jury Oat, Rawson Barley, Overland Winter Wheat, Gold ND flax and ND1406HP soybean.
If you have any questions contact: Gonzalo Rojas by email (gonzalo.rojas@ndsu.edu) or phone (701) 231-8168.