ND Frohberg


Yield: High Potential
Stem Rust: MR
Leaf Rust: MS
Head Scab: MR
Test Weight: High



About ND Frohberg

ND Frohberg is a hard-red spring wheat variety developed by North Dakota State University Spring Wheat Breeding Program and released by the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station in 2021. The North Dakota Crop Improvement and Seed Association (NDCISA) has rights to production and distribution of seed. ND Frohberg is a wheat variety with good yield potential, strong end-use quality and very good disease resistance. It is medium-tall, similar to Barlow with straw strength most similar to Glenn. ND Frohberg carries the leaf rust gene Lr34 and has shown moderate resistance in adult plants. It has also shown high levels of resistance to bacterial leaf streak. The Fusarium head blight resistance is Sumai-3 derived, with resistance similar to Elgin-ND and Barlow. It has shown strong milling and baking quality during its testing, with mixograph scores similar to Glenn. In drill strip plots in 2018, its Farinograph stability was most similar to Glenn and Farinograph absorption most similar to Barlow. It has been yield tested in over 60 environments in the past four years, and has had a yield similar to SY Ingmar in western locations, and similar to Barlow in eastern locations. The pedigree of the line is (ND709-9/ND2902). ND709-9 was an experimental line with the pedigree (ND 2709/3/GRANDIN*3//RAMSEY/ND 622). ND2902 was an experimental line with the pedigree (ND674//ND2710/ND688). The line was both crossed and derived by Dr. Richard Frohberg.

ND Frohberg Strengths

  • Good Straw Strength
  • Excellent Disease package
  • Strong end-use Quality

Unauthorized Propagation Prohibited PVPA 1994 Pending
To be sold by Variety name only as a class of certified seed
Licensed in the U.S. to NDCISA
A research fee applies to this variety

Research Fees