AB Advantage


Yield: High
Straw Strength: Strong
Maturity: Medium
Height: Short

About CDC Bow

CDC Bow is a high yielding strong strawed two-row malting barley with large plump kernels and low grain protein. CDC Bow has grain protein similar to CDC Copeland, malt enzyme activity between AC Metcalfe and CDC Copeland extract greater than both checks, malt B-glucan lower than both checks and friability and FAN greater than both checks. CDC Bow is widely adapted across the Canadian Prairies and is presently undergoing market development trials with maltsters and brewers. PBR 91 Protected

CDC Bow Strengths
• High Yield
• High test weight and kernel weight
• Strong straw
• Resistant to stem rust

Licensed in the U.S. to NDCISA
A research fee applies to this variety.

ProvinceName, CityPhone
AlbertaAndrew Nisbet, Bowden+1-403-224-3788
AlbertaAssure Seeds Ltd, Acme+1-403-510-9260
AlbertaCarl's Ag Ventures Ltd, Hays+1-403-654-5094
AlbertaChin Ridge Farms Ltd, Taber+1-800-563-7333
AlbertaGlenn Logan, Lomond+1-403-792-3696
AlbertaHerzog Seed Farms, Delia+1-403-364-2114
AlbertaKopjar Seed Ltd, Rowley+1-403-368-2409
AlbertaRyan Schilling, Halkirk+1-403-323-0462
AlbertaTerrance Nanninga, Red Deer County+1-403-358-0734
AlbertaTrue Seeds Ltd, Redwater+1-780-777-5885
AlbertaWagner's Seed Farm, Lacombe+1-403-782-2107
AlbertaWitdouck Farms, Iron Springs+1-403-738-4395
AlbertaWood Seed Farm Ltd, Bowden+1-403-224-3928
SaskatchewanBarry Reisner, Limerick+1-306-263-2127
SaskatchewanCharabin Seed Farm Ltd, Battleford+1-306-445-2939
SaskatchewanClarev Farms Ltd, Melfort+1-306-752-2108
SaskatchewanErwin Mayerle, Tisdale+1-306-873-4261
SaskatchewanFrederick Seeds, Watson+1-306-287-3977
SaskatchewanG & G Edmunds Farms+1-306-873-4780
SaskatchewanHanley Farms, Regina+1-306-586-4509
SaskatchewanHetland Seeds, Naicam+1-306-874-5694
SaskatchewanJe-Jo Farms Ltd, Glaslyn+1-306-342-2058
SaskatchewanLakeside Seeds, Wynyard+1-306-554-2078
SaskatchewanLarry Heavin, Melfort+1-306-752-4020
SaskatchewanMilton Heavin, Melfort+1-306-752-4071
SaskatchewanOne Oak Farms Ltd, Humboldt+1-306-682-5170
SaskatchewanPanasiuk Farms, Wadena+1-306-338-3756
SaskatchewanSeidle Seed Farm, Medstead+1-306-342-4377
SaskatchewanTomtene Seed Farm, Birch Hills+1-306-749-3447
SaskatchewanWakefield Seeds, Maidstone+1-306-893-2984
ManitobaAllan & Mark Fallis, Crystal City+1-204-873-2305
ManitobaMcLennan Farms Ltd, Mather+1-204-529-2372
QuebecSemences Nicolet (19921) Inc, Les Soixante+1-819-293-5515