Barley Tradition


Yield: High
Straw Strength: Very Strong
Maturity: Medium
Height: Medium-short


About Tradition Barley

Tradition is a six-rowed barley seed released by Busch Agricultural Resources Inc in 2013 and is one of the most popular barley seed varieties grown in North Dakota. Tradition is primarily used for malting and feed and features smooth awns, long rachilla hairs. This variety has a moderate resistance/resistance to Spot Blotch but is moderately susceptible/susceptible to Net Blotch as well as Spot-form Net Blotch.

All foundation class seed are produced by ND Foundation Seedstocks and seed must be obtained through the North Dakora County Crop Improvement Association seed increase program.

Tradition Strengths
• Excellent agronomic performance
• Very strong straw strength

Unauthorized Propagation Prohibited PVPA 1994 - U.S. Protected Variety
To be sold by Variety name only as a class of certified seed
Seed production of this variety is prohibited outside of ND
A research fee applies to this variety