Durum – ND Riveland


Yield: High Potential
Stem Rust: Resistant
Leaf Rust: Resistant
Test Weight: High

About ND Riveland

Named in honor of Neil Riveland, a research agronomist and assistant director at the Williston Research Extension Center, ND Riveland durum wheat seed was released in 2017. The NDCISA obtains seed production and distribution rights for this variety.

Compared to all tested varieties in the variety trial across North Dakota, ND Riveland had the highest yield. It also has excellent agronomic traits, very good test weight, medium maturity, and good straw strength. In comparison to Caprio and Joppa, this variety is taller, has larger kernels and a higher test weight.

This variety is very resistant to harmful disease, including both leaf and stem rust diseases. ND Riveland has a lower DON accumulation than Caprio and was the least affected by Fusarium head blight disease than all other varieties tested in both field and greenhouse screening nurseries. Its cadmium uptake is much lower than all varieties tested, including AC Strongfield, a Canadian variety well known for its low cadmium uptake. ND Riveland also features favorable end of use quality characteristics in terms of color and firmness.

This variety is protected under Plant Variety Protection Title V To help ensure genetic purity and must be sold as a class of certified seed.

ND Riveland Strengths
• High Yield Potential
• Good Quality
• Low Cd Uptake

Unauthorized Propagation Prohibited PVPA 1994 Pending
To be sold by Variety name only as a class of certified seed
Licensed in the U.S. to NDCISA
A research fee applies to this variety

CountyName, CityPhoneClass
BensonHerman Seed, Brinsmade 701-739-8332C
BurkeOverlee, Steve, McGregor701-546-4213C
CavalierBeck Bros Seed, Munich701-682-5546R
CavalierGoeser, Timothy J, Munich701-682-5451C
DivideBjorgen, Wade, Westby701-985-2434R
DivideNorby, Carlyle M, Grenora701-694-4411R
DivideTre Farms, Wildrose701-539-2338R
McKenzie Dwyer (Dan & Mike), Arnegard701-400-4424C
McLean Wisness Seed Farm, Arnegard701-462-3576R
McLeanZimmerman, Jerry D, Roseglen701-897-0099C
MountrailBruhn, Jerimey, Blaisdell701-822-2799R
RamseyHodous, Thomas & Ryan Becker, Devils Lake701-398-3035 C
RenvilleKnutson, Brian, Sherwood701-459-2276R
RenvilleKnutson, Brian, Sherwood701-459-2276C
RoletteDrift Prairie Farm, Rolla 701-477-5910C
SlopeNielsen, Stuart D, New England 701-579-4239R
WardBirdsall Grain & Seed LLC, Berthold 701-453-3300R
WardNorth Central Res/Ext Center, Minot701-857-7677F
WardVangsness, Stanley, Berthold 701-468-5520R
WilliamsChampion Farms Inc, Ray 701-568-4030R
WilliamsGraupe, Jeff, Williston 701-774-0093R
WilliamsHickel, Hal, Ray 701-568-3927R
WilliamsHoffman Farms LLP, Williston701-571-9838R
WilliamsHickel, Hal, Ray 701-571-9838C
WilliamsKjorstad, Brent, Williston 701-770-0406R
WilliamsKnox, Donald & Jeff, Ray 701-570-2390R
WilliamsLarson, Kyle, Grenora 701-694-8115R
WilliamsMiller Farms (F & R), Williston 701-875-4280R
WilliamsMiller, Charles, Williston 701-570-1706C
WilliamsMortenson Farm Partners, Williston 701-700-0942C
WilliamsPederson, Jeremy, Ray 701-441-9543R
WilliamsStevens, Blaine K, Williston 701-770-4088R
WilliamsVallevik, Chris L, Williston 701-570-0418R
WilliamsWilliston Research Ext Center, Williston701-774-4315F
WilliamsWisdahl, Scott, Alamo 701-641-8099R