Durum – ND Riveland


Yield: High Potential
Stem Rust: Resistant
Leaf Rust: Resistant
Foliar Disease: Intermediate
Head Scab: MS
Test Weight: High
Overall Quality: Good

Foliar Disease = reaction to tan spot and septoria leaf spot complex.
MS = moderately susceptible.
Overall Quality is determined based on agronomic, milling and spaghetti processing performance.

About ND Riveland

ND Riveland durum was released in 2017. The North Dakota Crop Improvement and Seed Association has rights to production and distribution of seed.

ND Riveland has high yield potential and excellent agronomic traits. This variety has very good test weight, medium maturity and good straw strength. ND Riveland had higher yield than all varieties tested in the variety trials across North Dakota. Compared with Carpio and Joppa, ND Riveland is taller, has higher test weight and larger kernels.

ND Riveland is resistant to both leaf and stem rust diseases. ND Riveland had the lowest Fusarium head blight disease severity among all varieties tested in field and greenhouse screening nurseries and lower DON accumulation than Carpio. ND Riveland had lower cadmium uptake than all varieties tested, including the well-known low cadmium uptake Canadian variety, AC Strongfield. End use quality characteristics of color and firmness are very favorable for ND Riveland. ND Riveland was named in honor of Neil Riveland for his significant contributions to ND agriculture. Neil was a research agronomist and assistant director at the Williston Research Extension Center.

To help ensure genetic purity, this variety is protected under Plant Variety Protection Title V and must be sold as a class of certified seed.

ND Riveland Strengths
• High Yield Potential
• Good Quality
• Low Cd uptake

Agronomic traits of ND Riveland and other durum varieties grown at various locations in MN, MT, ND and SD, 2013-2017.

Eastern NDYield (bu/acre)128.9131.5133.3131.0
Test Weight (lbs/bu)39.138.740.638.7
Western NDYield (bu/acre)100.1101.8104.2104.1
Test Weight (lbs/bu)35.935.236.735.6

Data and information extracted from variety release documents, unpublished experimental data and NDSU Extension Publication A1067-17.