Flax – Gold ND


Yield: High
Seed Color: Yellow
Height: Medium Tall
Maturity: Medium


About Gold ND Flax Seed

Gold ND flax seed was released in 2014 by the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station. North Dakota Crop Improvement and Seed Association has rights to seed production and distribution. This yellow-seeded variety has a very high yield potential, a good oil content and oil drying quality. Gold ND is a medium tall and has a medium maturity. With a blue flower, this variety has a medium seed size, resistant to flax rust, and has a good tolerance to flax wilt.

To help ensure genetic purity, this variety is protected under Plant Variety Protection Title V and must be sold as a class of certified seed.

Gold ND Strengths
• Excellent Yield
• Good Oil Content and Oil Quality

Unauthorized Propagation Prohibited PVPA 1994 - U.S. Protected Variety
To be sold by variety name only as a class of certified seed
Licensed in the U.S. to NDCISA
A research fee applies to this variety