Lentil ND Eeagle


Yield: High Potential
Type: Small Green
Height: Medium
Maturity: Medium

About ND Eagle

ND Eagle lentil was released in 2016. Since then, North Dakota Crop Improvement and Seed Association has rights to production and distribution of seed.

This seed variety is an Eston-type small green lentil and has excellent agronomic performance. The ND Eagle has high yield potential in North Dakota environments based on data collected during a seven-year (2011-2017) trial conducted by North Dakota State University (NDSU). 

It has a semi-erect plant habit with average plant height, flowers and matures one to two days earlier than check varieties.ND Eagle has high seed quality with no observations of speckled variants. Seed size for ND Eagle is within the acceptable range of the small green lentil market class.

To help ensure genetic purity, this variety is protected under Plant Variety Protection Title V and must be sold as a class of certified seed.

NE Eagle Strengths
• Excellent agronomic performance
• High seed quality

Agronomic comparison of ND Eagle and CDC Viceroy, 2011-2017.

TraitND EagleCDC Viceroy% of Viceroy
Seed Yield (lb/a)17461735101
Days to First Flower545696
Days to Maturity899198
Plant Height (cm)262795
Protein (%)252695
1000 Seed Weight (g)3632113

North Dakota lentil variety trials, 2016-2017.

VarietyMarket Class*First Flower (days)Seed Yield (lb/acre)
CDC ViceroySG531325
ND EagleSG511290
CDC RouleauSR551378
CDC Red RiderSR541366
CDC RichleaMG541320
CDC GreenlandLG551248

SG = small green, SR = small red, MG = medium green, LG = large green.

Data and information extracted from variety release documents and unpublished experimental data.