Golden ears of oat on the field.


Yield: High
Straw Strength: Medium-strong
Maturity: Medium
Height: Tall


About Jury Oat

Released in 2012 by the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station, Jury oat is a high yielding oat seed variety with a good test weight. This oat variety outperforms Newburg in several areas including test weight, groat percentage and dehulling efficiency. It produces average groat b-glucan concentration and expresses moderate tolerance to Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus. As a high milling quality grain, Jury consistently produces improved milling quality grain comparable to Newburg. This oat variety has a stem rust resistance to race NA67 (TJJ) but it’s lodging resistance does equal Rockford or Souris. The NDCISA has rights to the production and distribution of Jury oat seed.

Jury Strengths
• High Yield
• Disease Resistance
• High Milling Quality

Licensed in the U.S. to NDCISA
A research fee applies to this variety.