Oat – Jury


Yield: High
Stem Rust: Resistant
Crown Rust: Susceptible
Barley Yellow Dwarf: Moderately Tolerant
Straw Strength: Medium-strong
Maturity: Medium
Height: Tall
Test Weight: High

About Jury Oat

Jury oat was released in 2012 by the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station. The North Dakota Crop Improvement and Seed Association has rights to production and distribution of seed. Jury is a high yielding oat variety with good test weight. It outperforms Newburg in test weight, groat percentage, and dehulling efficiency. This variety produces average groat b-glucan concentration. Jury expresses moderate tolerance to Barley Yellow Dwarf Virus. It also has stem rust resistance to race NA67 (TJJ). It is a high milling quality grain, consistently producing improved milling quality grain relative to Newburg. Lodging resistance is not equivalent to Rockford and Souris.

Jury Strengths
• High Yield
• Disease Resistance
• High Milling Quality

Agronomic Performance of Jury Across ND, 2015-2017.

Eastern NDYield (bu/acre)128.9131.5133.3131.0
Test Weight (lbs/bu)39.138.740.638.7
Western NDYield (bu/acre)100.1101.8104.2104.1
Test Weight (lbs/bu)35.935.236.735.6

Data and information extracted from variety release documents, unpublished experimental data, and NDSU Extension Publication A1049-17.