Rye – ND Dylan


Yield: High
Straw Strength: Strong
Maturity: Medium-late
Height: Tall


About ND Dylan

Named to honor the memory of Dylan Zwinger, a young man who loved the land, ND Dylan was released in 2016 by the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station.

A high yield and very good winter hardiness make this rye seed variety ideal for use in North Dakota. The combination of early season vigor scores and winter hardiness show ND Dylan’s potential for use as a grain, cover, or forage crop. This variety is tall, has good straw strength and is medium-late in its maturity. ND Dylan’s test weight it equal to Rymin and is slightly higher than Dacold. Though Biomass data is limited, gathered data suggests the total dry matter yields of ND Dylan to be greater than both Dacold and Rymin.

North Dakota Crop Improvement and Seed Association (NDCISA) has rights to the production and distribution of the seed. ND Dylan is protected under Plant Variety Protection Title V to help ensure genetic purity and must be sold as a class of certified seed.

ND Dylan Strengths
• High Yield
• Very Good Winter Hardness

Unauthorized Propagation Prohibited PVPA 1994 Pending
To be sold by Variety name only as a class of certified seed
Licensed in the U.S. to NDCISA
A research fee applies to this variety