Soybean ND Stutsman


Yield: High Potential
Relative Maturity: Early
Height: Medium
Maturity Group: 00.9


About ND Rolette

ND Rolette is a high yielding conventional soybean line that was release by North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station in 2019. This variety is licensed to the North Dakota Crop Improvement and Seed Association for its management and distribution. ND Rolette has a 00.9 maturity. It is resistant to Race 4 of phytophthora root rot. ND Rolette has shown a good level of tolerance to iron‐deficiency chlorosis on soil where IDC is present. It has good plant height and lodging resistance. ND Rolette has purple flower color, gray pubescence, tan pod color, buff hila with a dull seedcoat. The pedigree of ND Rolette is MN0095 X ND05 17649. ND Rolette is tolerant to metribuzin herbicide.

ND Rolette Strengths
• High Yield Potential
• Good IDC Tolerance