Soybean 1406HP


Yield: Good
Relative Maturity: Medium
Height: Medium
Hilum Color: Yellow
Phytophthora Root Rot: Susceptible
Maturity Group: 0

About ND1406HP

ND1406HP was released in 2014 by the North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station. The North Dakota Crop Improvement and Seed Association has rights to production and distribution of seed. ND1406HP is not resistant to glyphosate and is a soybean variety intended for the tofu specialty market. The distinguishing characteristic of ND1406HP is its high protein. It has good yield and is moderately tolerant to iron-deficiency chlorosis. The relative maturity of ND1406HP is 0.6 which is 6 days earlier than ProSoy. ND1406HP has purple flower color, gray pubescence, yellow hila with dull seed coat luster, and brown pod color. To help ensure genetic purity, this variety is protected under Plant Variety Protection Title V and must be sold as a class of certified seed.

ND1406HP Strengths
• High Protein
• Tofu Specialty Variety

Agronomic Performance of ND1406HP Across ND 2009-2012.

Yield (bu/acre)42.944.249344.337.5
Seed Size (seeds/lb)2620256027902850
Oil (%)*16.216.817.718.5
Protein (%)*35.835.532.432.2

*Protein and oil on a 13% moisture basis.
**Lodging: 1=best, 5=worst.

Data and information extracted from variety release documents, unpublished experimental data and NDSU Extension Publication A843-14.