Soybean ND18008GT


Yield: High Potential
Relative Maturity: Early
Height: Medium
Maturity Group: 00.8


About ND18008GT

With development made possible through funds donated by the North Dakota Soybean Council, ND18008 GT was released in 2018. The rights to the production and distribution of seed are obtained by the NDCISA.

ND18008GT is a great soybean variety for the northern regions of North Dakota, thanks to a relative maturity of 00.8 and high yield potential. This variety is resistant to glyphosate and phytophthora root rot (race 4) as well as tolerant to soybean aphid. The appearance of ND18008GT features a purple flower, tawny pubescence, brown pod color, and black hila with dull seed coat luster.

ND18008GT is protected under Plant Variety Protection Title V and contains a proprietary trait that is patented with a certified seed only (CSO) clause. To ensure genetic purity, this variety must be sold as a class of certified seed. Only certified seed is permissible for planting and cannot be saved for the purpose of replanting.

ND18008GT Strengths
• Glyphosate Resistance
• Aphid Tolerance
• Early Maturity

Licensed in the U.S. to NDCISA
A research fee applies to this variety