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Hard Red Spring Wheat

ND VitPro

Released in 2017, ND VitPro is a hard red spring week that is widely adapted to the Spring wheat region of North Dakota. NDCISA has the rights to production and distribution of seed. When compared to recent varieties produced by North Dakota State University, ND VitPro shows improved straw strength. The height of this plant is similar to Faller and Prosper, has a medium-early maturity comparable to Barlow, and a height grain protein and test weight similar to Linkert.

This variety high quality kernel and milling traits including a very high vitreous kernel percentage. ND VitPro shows a moderate resistance to all prevailing races of stem rust as well as a moderate scab resistance. The adult ND VitPro plants also show good resistance to leaf and strip rusts.

ND VitPro is protected under Plant Variety Protection Title V and must be sold as a class of certified seed in order to assure genetic purity.

ND VitPro Strengths
• Improved Straw Strength
• High Protein and Test Weight
• Outstanding Vitreous Kernel

Unauthorized Propagation Prohibited PVPA 1994 Pending
To be sold by Variety name only as a class of certified seed
Licensed in the U.S. to NDCISA
A research fee applies to this variety

County Name, CityPhoneClass
BensonArnold, Robert & Bill, Minot701-720-8823C
BensonHaagenson, Lorin, Leeds701-466-2814C
BensonHermansdale Farm, Brinsmade701-466-2396C
BottineauArtz, Lenny, Westhope701-268-3280C
BottineauArtz, Patrick R, Bottineau701-263-7117C
BottineauKCD Farms & Hunskor Farms, Newburg701-272-6345C
BottineauThorenson, Dale, Newburg701-263-1707C
BottineauWald, Dylan, Willow City701-640-5701C
CassAgronomy Seed Farm, Casselton701-347-4743F
CassKrabbenhoft, Jayne, Amenia701-347-4869C
CavalierGoeser, Timothy J, Munich701-682-5451C
CavalierHaraseth, Gary A, Nekoma701-256-4510R
CavalierKingzett, Allen & Tim, Sarles701-697-5248R
CavalierLangdon Research Ext Center, Langdon701-256-2582F
CavalierSchommer, Craig, Munich701-682-5281C
DivideAnderson Seed and Grain LLC, Minot701-839-8488C
DivideAnderson Seed and Grain LLC, Minot701-839-8488R
DunnFlaget, William, Halliday701-938-4688C
EddyMyhre, Kent O, Sheyenne701-996-2652C
FosterK & J Family Farm Inc, Carrington701-652-2800C
Grand ForksJodock, Brian, Northwood701-587-6076C
Grand ForksJodock, Brian, Northwood701-587-6076R
HettingerDoe, Bryan, Regent701-563-4333C
HettingerKouba, Jess, Regent701-563-4543R
KidderDeKrey, Tim, Steele701-475-2349C
LaMoureWald, David, Edgeley701-493-2385C
LoganSchatz, John B, Bismarck701-320-7024C
McIntoshWerth Seed Farm, Lehr701-320-6976C
McLeanTweeten Seed Farm (Rick & Richard), Washburn701-462-8278C
McLeanTweeten Seed Farm (Rick & Richard), Washburn701-462-8278R
PembinaStegman, Doug, Cavalier701-265-4426C
PierceDouble J Farms, York701-583-2119C
RamseyLorenz, David R, Lawton701-655-3547R
RenvilleGates Farm, Mohall701-756-6205C
RenvilleGates Farm, Mohall701-756-6205R
RenvilleLakefield Farms (Doug), Sherwood701-459-2882C
RenvilleStevens Grain Cleaning And Seed Sale, Glenburn701-833-3472C
RichlandBeeson, Michael & Daniel, Wahpeton701-274-8944R
SheridanSaueressig, Kim, McClusky701-363-2387C
SlopeLorge, Farrell, Amidon701-879-6316C
SlopeNielsen, Stuart D, New England701-579-4239R
StarkBinstock, Justin, Dickinson701-290-6807C
SteeleNygaard, David K, Finley701-789-0181C
SteeleSteinke Seed Farm (Mike), Hope701-866-8235C
TownerLagein Farms, Rock Lake701-266-5357R
TownerLewallen Joint Venture (Bruce), Bisbee701-968-3060C
TownerMorlock, Lyle, Egeland701-351-4649R
TraillAbentroth, Gregory, Cummings701-636-4721R
TraillHatton Farmers Elevator, Hatton701-543-3773C
TraillScholl, Harley, Grandin701-860-6470R
WalshBina, Spencer, Park River701-284-6282C
WalshDusek, Daniel & Ernie, Grafton701-352-0580C
WalshNovak, Mark A, Lankin701-593-6338C
WalshSkorheim, Jay, Park River701-331-1174C
WalshThompson, Paul A, Grafton701-352-3143C
WalshWosick, Arthur, Minto701-699-3181C
WardFinken Farms & Seeds LLP, Douglas701-529-4421C
WardHoiland, John K, Glenburn701-362-7530C
WardNorth Central Res/Ext Center, Minot701-857-7677F
WardScheresky, Barry, Des Lacs701-725-4306C
WardZaderaka Enterprises Inc, Minot701-721-6832C
WellsBollingberg, Kurt, Cathay701-984-2486C
WellsKlindworth, Gerald, Fessenden701-547-3734R
WilliamsPederson, Jeremy, Ray701-441-9543C
WilliamsWilliston Research Ext Center, Williston701-774-4315F