Soybean ND17009GT


Yield: High Potential
Relative Maturity: Early
Height: Medium
Hilum Color: Black
Phytophthora Root Rot: Resistant (race 4)
Maturity Group: 00.9

About ND17009GT Soybean

North Dakota Agricultural Experiment Station (NDAES) released the ND17009GT soybean variety in 2017. Therefore, North Dakota Crop Improvement and Seed Association (NDCISA) received the rights to produce and distribute the seed.

ND17099GT soybean is glyphosate resistant. In addition, this high-yielding soybean variety is also moderately tolerant to iron-deficiency chlorosis. The relative maturity of ND17009GT is 00.9. For instance, this variety is a good fit for the northern areas of North Dakota. ND17009GT has a white flower color, tawny pubescence, brown pod color and black hila with shiny seed coat luster.

To help ensure genetic purity, this variety is protected under the Plant Variety Protection Title V and is sold as a class of certified seed. Development of this variety is possible through funds provided by the North Dakota Soybean Council.

ND17009GT Strengths
• Gyphosate Tolerant (Chemical options include: RU Power Max, Cornerstone 5 Plus, Buccaneer 5, and others).
• A Glyphosate product combined with a pre-emerge chemical will provide for clean fields.
• High yielding 00.9 soybean with Excellent Standability
• Cost Effective (Seed est. $35/acre) 
• A Certified Seed Product of the NDSU Soybean Breeding Program

Unauthorized Propagation Prohibited PVPA 1994 Pending
To be sold by Variety name only as a class of certified seed
Licensed in the U.S. to NDCISA
A research fee applies to this variety

Agronomic Performance of ND17009GT Across Multi-State Uniform Regional Test 2015-2017.

Yield (bu/acre)52.156.950.2
Seed Size (seeds/lb)253028903000
Oil (%)*19.219.718.8
Protein (%)*34.135.434.0

*Protein and oil on a 13% moisture basis.
**Lodging: 1=upright, 5=flat on ground.

Data and information extracted from variety release documents, unpublished experimental data and NDSU Extension Publication A843-17.

Seed Dealers

CountyName, CityPhoneClass
BensonHerman Seed, Brinsmade 701-739-8332C
CassAgronomy Seed Farm, Casselton701-347-4743F
CavalierLangdon Research Ext Center, Langdon701-256-2582F
CavalierRyan Seed LLC, Wales701-256-5926C
DivideAnderson Seed and Grain LLC, Minot701-839-8488C
DivideAnderson Seed and Grain LLC, Minot701-839-8488R
DivideTre Farms, Wildrose 701-539-2338R
EddySeastrand, Mark, Sheyenne701-720-8324R
FosterCarrington Res/Ext Center, Carrington701-652-2951F
HettingerThomas, Nathan / Greff, Joshua, Mott 701-824-2469R
HettingerWiesinger, Robert, Bentley701-824-4323C
HettingerWiesinger, Robert, Bentley701-824-4323C
KidderDeKrey, Tim, Steele701-475-2349R
McLeanKrebsbach, Tom, Max 701-679-2606R
McLeanZaderaka Enterprises Inc, Minot 701-721-6832R
MountrailC & C Farms LLP (Troy Coons), Donnybrook701-482-7865C
NelsonStein, Charles, McVille701-322-4387C
PembinaKotchman, James, Pembina701-825-6821C
PembinaLarson Farm (Michael J), Drayton 701-520-1033 C
PierceOstrem, Mark, Rugby701-776-2878C
PierceTeigen, David C, Rugby701-208-1254C
PierceTeigen, David C, Rugby701-208-1254R
RenvilleAckerson, Sheldon, Sherwood701-459-2892C
RenvilleGates Farm, Mohall701-756-6205R
RenvilleGates Farm, Mohall701-756-6205C
RenvilleWurgler Farms, Minot 701-839-4896C
RoletteDionne, Damian, Rolette701-246-3374C
RoletteGrenier, Steve, Rolette 701-871-2273R
TownerLagein Farms, Rock Lake 701-266-5357C
WalshBerntson Seed Farm, Adams701-944-2449C
WalshBina, Cameron, Lankin701-593-6329C
WalshBina, Spencer, Park River701-284-6282C
WardBirdsall Grain & Seed LLC, Berthold701-453-3300C
WardBirdsall Grain & Seed LLC, Berthold701-453-3300R
WardFinken Farms & Seeds LLP, Douglas701-529-4421C
WardNorth Central Res/Ext Center, Minot701-857-7677F
WardNovak, Lee, Minot701-722-3516R
WardNovak, Lee, Minot701-722-3516C
WardStafslien, Tyler, Ryder 701-426-4028C
WardVangsness, Stanley, Berthold 701-468-5520R
WilliamsHalverson, TJ, Tioga701-641-8631C
WilliamsLarson, Kevin L, Alamo 701-641-9755C
WilliamsPederson, Jeremy, Ray701-441-9543R
WilliamsPederson, Jeremy, Ray701-441-9543C
WilliamsWilliston Research Ext Center, Williston701-774-4315F